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In this website we start with a working definition: Innovation is Making Information Valuable.  Discussion threads on the nature of information and value build on this definition and lead to a generic Green Box of Innovation.  As an experiment in innovation itself, this website uses this concept of a Green Box of Innovation to determine its own structure.

 Green Box of Website  

This website builds its innovative content on the foundations of established knowledge.  These “inputs” can be found in the Background pages and are collected from a broad range of physical, biological and economic sources.

The “outputs” are the new knowledge created which are found in the Foreground pages.

Background is linked to Foreground through an innovation process, which is this case is a series of discussion papers (blogs) posted initially around the key themes of innovation, information and value.

One might interpret the Green Box here as providing an insight into the mind of the innovator to understand the deductive reasoning and even metaphysical speculation that has led to the creation of the foreground information and the reasons why this information may be valuable.  An extra element of the information flow are “Wormholes” which link to other sources of knowledge that may not  be of direct relevance, but which provide evidence supporting the deductive reasoning of the Green Box discussion.

The endeavours and aspirations of researchers and innovators often go unreported in formal scientific and commercial literature.  Here we wish to set out a structure to record and recognise this work as a value creating activity in a way that is consistent with the innovation process itself.  The website has thus created its own structure.

Over time with maturity and the established validity of the foreground concepts, this content should be moved to become background.  Other foreground concepts may search in vain for this validation and finally, like the deadwood of a tree, should atrophy and die.  Such future modifications, which will be recorded, will serve to incorporate the evolutionary principle as a rationale for scientific discovery  and value creation as founded in the epistemology of Sir Karl Popper (see:  When Science Meets Innovation and Ubiquitous Error Elimination).

So in viewing this website, please consider this as a voyage from knowledge to discovery.  A commentary on this journey is reported as a time-line in the discussion posts.



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