Consumer Product Interaction

The fundamental link between the economic and physical systems

Quintessentially, a Consumer Product Interaction (CPI) is about Information transfer. Information is communicated with each CPI in order to enable a consumer to perceive the value of an associated product. This information may be communicated by a sales person or by an advertisement, though paper or through another media. This information may be communicated by direct contact with the product itself or through some virtual equivalent. Whatever its physical form, the CPI is a generic moment for information transfer.

On receipt of the CPI information the consequential consumer perception of value maybe high or low or zero. It depends on the needs of the consumer at that time and how the utility of the product matches those needs.

Perceptions of value may be initiated, diminished or enhanced through a Consumer Product Interaction, but nothing of substance will happen until a specific threshold is reached. It is only when the consumer perception of value exceeds the price that is set for the product that a sale will occur and the sale price will be reimbursed to the supplier.

From this everyday scenario a theory of Innovation will be developed by way of an analogy in which the discrete sale-events corresponds to physical phenomena whereby mechanical energy is transformed and dissipated through similarly common physical events. Such an analogy will lead to a theory of Innovation, for it is innovation that creates the value that is communicated through the Consumer Product Interaction.



Figure:                 This figure indicates the characteristic behaviour of a mechanical linkage which, when acted upon by a force F, remains dormant until that force reaches a critical value Fcrit , whereupon the link will separate or fail and the mechanical connection will be broken. Such a mechanical failure can provide an analogy for product sale following a favourable Consumer Product Interaction.


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